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Events designed for senior-level IT executives and their direct management teams.


Gain maximum exposure to IT executives and decision

makers at a minimal fee. 

EFM Events exists to positively impact today’s and tomorrow’s IT leaders in a way that enables them to create greater value not only for their own companies, but also their personal careers due to the opportunity to network and learn from real-world experts (and peers).


Our single day IT Symposiums are currently held in 28+ cities across the U.S. These events deliver independent and objective content – and explore critical business, technology, and leadership strategies. Additionally, it serves as a conduit for IT professionals to build a stronger professional peer network and attain real-world knowledge on business changing technology and management solutions.


This was the best IT Conference I've been to in 3 years. Why? Because I didn't feel like anyone was trying to sell me anything. Every breakout and Keynote I listened to was excellent because it was not a sales pitch. It was smaller too which was nice, not as overwhelming. Oh! And I regret missing the breakfast because if it was anywhere as good as the lunch then I missed out. Looking forward to going next year.

Kansas City IT Symposium
VIRTUAL - August 11 & 12, 2020
Charlotte Tech Conference
VIRTUAL - September 10, 2020
Philadelphia Tech Summit
VIRTUAL - September 15, 2020
Nebraska IT Symposium
VIRTUAL - September 16, 2020
Grand Rapids IT Symposium
VIRTUAL - September 17, 2020
Arkansas IT Symposium
VIRTUAL - September 29, 2020
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