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Relationships born from true partnerships. When producing an event, we are doing so with true community partners who are making decisions to benefit the long term success and growth of their events. As we create profitable events, we share profits with our partners in the community. These funds will then go back into the local non-profit community for initiatives such as STEM programs, robotics teams, scholarships, code camps, and more. 


EFM’s IT Symposium Series will attract over 9,000 IT leaders across 30+ events in North America. To learn how the IT symposium series may fit into your sales and marketing plans, please fill out the request for information, below.

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Quality over Quantity

Our events are not produced to bring in the largest amount of people in the area. Why?


Because we believe comparable events focusing on high numbers only care about getting people in their seats.


EFM focuses on the quality of people. 76.9% of our attendees are Director level and above.


Creating Opportunities

The majority of our attendees are decision makers - they attend to have actionable conversations. Our event day is conducive for real and progressive conversations.


We also limit the number of sponsors at each event in order to provide you with the best opportunity to create personal relationships. 


What Makes

Us Different?

We are not a tradeshow. Rather, we produce executive level business development opportunities by building networking events. Your team’s table is in the ballroom where all general sessions take place. This setup allows you a full day of networking opportunities. This creates a casual environment that encourages interaction with the attendees throughout the entire day.

Why Sponsor?
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