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Roundtable Events


The Executive Exchange is the sister event to the EFM IT Symposium Series. IT's a 4-hour collaboration and networking event strictly for a small group (40-60) of C-level IT leaders, and strictly by-invitation-only. The Exchange congregates local CIO, CISO, and CTO peers in an environment that allows for open discussion of select high-level topics.

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In-Person Events


Local IT Symposiums, are in-person events and the “bread and butter” of EFM.  We’ve spent over 20 years developing personal relationships with thousands of executives that rely on our team to consistently produce valuable events full of education, networking and collaboration opportunities year after year. 

By City

If you have a question regarding one of our events, or would just like to leave us a comment, please visit the specific event's website. There, you will find a contact form which will put you in touch with the event coordinator for that event. Below is a listing of our current events, simply click on the event to visit that event website.

If you are looking for a specific type of event (Executive Exchange vs. Conference use the "Category" drop-down)

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