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Top 5 Reasons People Attend Our Events

EFM Events has been creating, connecting, and educating IT executives across the country since 2001. Our symposium's and summits are created around the idea of "educating the next generation of IT leaders". Our speakers and topics are delivered by industry leading professionals in the local area of the event along side national experts with broader perspectives. Our events provide value at all levels from education, networking and solution discovery.

Here are the top 5 reasons people attend our events:

1. Education (learning from the best) no one can be an expert in every area - our presentations are created based on experience by industry thought leaders who have the expertise to leave the attendee walking away with practical ideas to take back to the office and implement right away.

2. Building Your Network (making connections) our agenda gives you the flexibility to connect with both attendees and solution providers several times throughout the day. Cross paths with hundreds of fellow IT professionals in your local community while also discovering new technology that can help you and your business stay on the cutting edge.

3. Easily Accessible Locations (location) our events take place in over 30 cities across the US in the most centralized parts of the states saving you time, money and travel.

4. Prevention (invest in yourself) the saying goes, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Take the time (or day) to invest in yourself and your team and you may save your organization millions of dollars in incident response, brand reputation damage, stock devaluation, and possible litigation by attending one of our sessions.

5. FUN (yes, you read that right) our events give off the same feeling as a "family reunion" minus the creepy uncle that won't stop talking about NASCAR. Seeing your other local IT practitioners, discussing new trends, catching up with old friends and of course enjoying a catered lunch, refreshments and stiff drinks at the end of the day, everything you could ask for in an "educational event" right? Check out our full lineup of events on our events page.

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