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New Online Community Offers Continuing Education Discounts for IT Professionals

IT Pack, powered by EFM Events, is helping all of their subscribers reach their highest potential in the IT field on multiple avenues. Recently, they've expanded beyond their own core content to offer continuing education discounts to all paid subscribers.

“We have interviewed 54 CIOs and CISOs this year, and the common theme all of them say is that Learning is Continuous” says Dave Robinson, Host of the Executive Conversation Series for IT Pack.

Partnering with St. Louis University, IT Pack gives a 15% discount to all members on any courses or certifications needed to help further careers in the IT field. In October of 2019, they even offered a full scholarship for a CompTIA Security Certificate to one of its fellow members.

A subscription to IT Pack is only $100 for the year. One continuing education class or recertification will more than pay for the annual membership. To learn more about IT Pack’s continuing education discounts or the site itself, visit and be sure to follow them on LinkedIn.

“We truly want to be a driving force in helping to develop the next generation of leaders,” founder and president of IT Pack, Gary Peyton.

Together we can make a difference for tomorrows leaders - to be apart of that change join today!

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