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IT Pack Offers Insights for IT Professionals from Top CIOs and Tech Leaders all Across the Nation

EFM Events is known for hosting events across the country featuring high level keynotes and breakout sessions from CIOs and top technology leaders. Now they’ve brought that information online with their new community, IT Pack, through their Executive Conversation Series.

“Every IT Pack Member will find fresh insights and perspectives from watching the Executive Conversation Series. Just like [when you wonder] ‘How do you become a millionaire?’ The answer is ‘Find a millionaire and do what they are doing!’” - Dave Robinson, host of the Executive Conversations series

Technology executives answer questions on a variety of topics, including cybersecurity, converting to cloud technology, what it takes to lead an IT department, how to find and recruit new talent, and upcoming technology trends that are being seen right now. The featured technology executives come from a variety of backgrounds to help IT professionals learn - no matter what size company they work for.

“Even after 21 Years as CIO in a large global company, I am continually amazed at the fresh ideas and thoughts from the Technology Leaders who participate in the Executive Conversation Series,” Dave Robinson said.

The Executive Conversations series has featured guests from companies of every size, like Shazam, Athene, AMC Theatres, and county governments, just to name a few.

Most interviews are about thirty minutes, but there are also smaller segments that range between 2-5 minutes which focus on a specific question or topic. These interviews are exclusive to only IT Pack members. To listen to them yourself, sign up for an account at All new subscribers receive a free 30-day trial at the time of sign-up!

NOTE: IT Pack is an online community exclusively for the IT leader - there are no vendors allowed.

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