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EFM Events Hits The $3.2 Million Mark In Charitable Donations To Cities They Produce Events In Since

IT Symposium

EFM Events is the leading and most important annual gathering of CIOs and their senior IT leaders in their respective geographies. EFM believes in building long term relationships and making an impact in the communities they serve. There's a charitable component to each event in which EFM donates a portion of the event's proceeds to a local technology community non-profit organization within the region. Total charitable contributions since 2001 has pushed up over $3.2 million dollars with $760,000+ of that being donated in 2019 alone.

The EFM single day IT Symposiums/events are currently held in 31 cities across 29 states spanning from the Upper Northwest, through the Rocky Mountains, stretching past the Ohio Valley to Upstate New York – and from the Northern Plains to the Lone Star State of Texas. Delivering independent and objective content – the IT Symposiums explore critical business, technology, and leadership strategies. Additionally, it serves as a conduit for IT professionals to build a stronger professional peer network and attain real-world knowledge on business changing technology and management solutions.

The Symposium is a conference designed to bring together CIOs and their management teams for a day filled with IT best practice experiences. A typical Symposium will have over 20+ executives sharing throughout the day. The content is a mixture of keynotes and breakout discussions made up of panel discussion and individual speakers. Many companies send multiple attendees so they can cover the Symposium day better and maximize the ROI for their company.

Attendees and sponsors alike enjoy the Symposium because there is no travel or overnight stays. Come in the morning and get home after dinner. Many events focus on what they can do in that year. EFM approaches building partnerships and Symposiums with a long term vision of wanting to make a difference in the communities they are in.

“I am firm believer in paying things forward in both my personal and professional life. The main objective for most event companies is to maximize profit. Our goal is to use our event series as a vehicle to contribute money back to each community we serve. EFM exists to positively impact today's and tomorrow's IT leaders in a way that enables them to create greater value for both their companies and our entire world for generations to come." Gary Peyton, VP/Co-Founder of EFM.

If you are interested in finding out more information about our events or becoming a sponsor for an EFM Event please visit our website,

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