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EFM Events Announces Spring 2020 Sponsorship Opportunities For All 30+ Events In 29 States Are Now O

EFM Events produce the leading and most important gathering for CIOs and senior IT leaders in their respective geographies. These single day events are currently held in 32 cities spanning across 29 states. On average, each of the 30+ events sell out of sponsorship spots 130 days before the event takes place, which is why sponsorships for 2020 are already open early.

Sponsoring an EFM Event gains you the opportunity to get all of your customers and potential customers in one room for an entire day. EFM has been cultivating relationships with attendees for over a decade. They trust EFM to deliver an event that they can rely on for education and networking with sessions delivered solely by their peers. Attendees are also incredibly grateful to the sponsors since they realize that they are the ones investing in the community to facilitate it.

Each event only allows a certain number of vendor companies to underwrite the event each year. If you sponsor an event, you can rest assured knowing that your organization is one of 10-20 other companies that is even capable of talking to these particular executives since EFM does not allow non-sponsoring vendors/salespeople to attend.

"Trying to meet other IT professionals in your field takes a lot of time and effort, but by sponsoring an EFM Event you can meet everyone in one place at the same time for the whole day. You cannot ask for a better return on your investment than that!" - Mark Lewis, Comminuque

If you are interested in sponsoring an EFM Event and actually getting in front of the people you need to - contact EFM today at 515-332-7940 or by visiting our website

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