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Over 250 Local IT Executives to Gather at the Nebraska IT Symposium in Omaha on May 21st

The 15th Annual Nebraska IT Symposium will take place on May 21st at the Creighton University Harper Center. This exclusive event is aimed at providing local IT executives the opportunity to network, collaborate, and learn from one another in a mixture of keynote sessions, panel discussions, and breakout sessions.

One of the highlighted keynote speakers this year includes Julie Rieger, former President, Chief Data Strategist & Head of Media for 20th Century Fox Films. Julie’s entertaining discussion describes how she helped change the company’s strategy from simply producing movies to incorporating data into business decisions that ultimately led to the creation of Avatar, The Greatest Showman, Bohemian Rhapsody, X-MEN, Logan, and Deadpool.

In addition to the keynotes and breakout sessions, this year the IT Symposium is featuring a round-table lunch discussion that will give attendees the opportunity to sit with a group of peers to discuss IT-related topics that might not be incorporated into the agenda. This gives attendees the chance to have important in-depth conversations with peers that have insight about navigating any issues (or future obstacles) that the industry is dealing with.

You can view the full day's agenda by clicking here.

Attending the 2019 Nebraska IT Symposium is an opportunity for leaders engaged in technology to network and explore new ways to maintain competitive advantages in a global economy. The ability to collaborate and exchange actionable information with peers is what makes this event rewarding and productive.

If you and your colleagues would like to join us for a great day of education, networking, collaboration and celebration, registration information can be found at

NOTE: this event is closed to any non-sponsoring vendor companies/consultants/sales reps. For sponsorship information, please contact Jeff Hinds at

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