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The Portland Chapter of the Society for Information Management (SIM) Announces the 2019 Portland Tec

The Portland Technology Leadership Summit is the Portland region’s annual major gathering of leaders, professionals, and academics working in the I.T. field. As technology continues to redefine the boundaries of industries and replace markets’ traditional geographic regions with borderless digital environments, it has become essential for local organizations to be aware of the global trends in their sectors and implement strategies to integrate them into their operations to be able to stay agile and maintain their competitive edge.

This year’s symposium will look at emerging I.T. trends and provide insights into innovative leadership skills in today’s fast-paced digital age. This interactive event will also provide attendees with opportunities to collaborate and share their knowledge and experiences through a series of panels, break-out sessions, and networking.

Harry Campbell, author, keynote speaker and former 30-year senior executive with multiple Fortune 500 companies, will deliver the opening keynote titled “Get-Real Leadership”. This high energy keynote will highlight leadership principles covered in Harry’s first book, titled the same. To lead well, do you have to sacrifice success for relationships? Or relationships for success? No! In Get-Real Leadership, you will see how to generate wildly successful business results by fostering trust, respect, and compassion in your team. And, you’ll see how to do this by being absolutely true to who you are and what matters to you most.

Robby Swinnen, Executive Mentor and Coach, former 30-year Fortune 50 senior executive, and Founder of the Blue Spark Group will deliver the closing keynote titled “Accelerate your IT Leadership and Personal Growth with EQ”. In this compelling keynote, Robby will introduce you to practical EQ (Emotional Intelligence) concepts to accelerate your personal growth and leadership journey. Consider IQ (Intelligence Quotient) knowledge to be your ‘hard IT skills’. He will unpack why and how your ‘soft skills’ are becoming even more important for your success at work and for a fulfilling social life beyond your professional career.

His work is based on three decades of observations and learnings while being at Intel Corporation. In various roles he was the internal business partner customer of the CIO, overseeing homegrown and off the shelf large IT project implementations for Intel’s sales and marketing group.

In addition to these compelling keynotes, there will be 12 breakout sessions and executive panels throughout the day focused on cyber security, innovation, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, women in technology leadership, negotiation, self-service analytics, cloud vendor management, and much more.

Attending the 2019 Portland Technology Leadership Summit is an opportunity for leaders engaged in technology to network and explore new ways to maintain competitive advantage in a global economy. The ability to collaborate and exchange actionable information with peers makes this event rewarding and productive.

If you and your team would like to join us for a terrific day of education, networking, collaboration and celebration, please register your team at

NOTE: This event is closed to any non-sponsoring vendor companies/consultants/sales reps. For sponsorship information, please contact Brian Gargano at brian(at)

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