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The Kansas City IT Symposium is 3 Weeks Away - Featuring Keynote Speakers David Marquet, Tamara Ghan

The Kansas City IT Symposium is expected to draw over 500 IT leaders from 140+ local companies. This one-day, executive-level event is geared toward knowledge-sharing and networking for CIO's and their direct management teams. This single day event consists of 3 keynote sessions and 28 breakout sessions allowing you to tailor the day to your needs.

Kicking off the day will be David Marquet, Best-Selling Author of "Turn the Ship Around". David imagines a workplace where everyone engages and contributes their full intellectual capacity, a place where people are healthier and happier because they have more control over their work --– a place where everyone is a leader. David’s keynote presentation will focus on Intent-Based Leadership. If implemented properly, Intent-Based Leadership will change your personal and professional life.

Over the lunch hour Tamara Ghandour, Innovation Enabler and CEO of LaunchStreet will give a captivating presentation about innovation titled, "Innovation Drives - How to Transform Your Organization from Change Agents to Change Artists, and Become Masters of the Marketplace".

Closing the day is K-State's Former Coach, Bill Snyder. In 1989, Snyder took over the worst program in all of college football and turned the Wildcats into a top-10 team within just seven seasons. The Hall-of-Fame coach led K-State to more than 200 wins, 18 bowl games, nine seasons with 10 or more wins, six Top-10 finishes, and two Big 12 championships. His closing keynote presentation will talk about the 16 goals to success that Bill believes can help anyone be successful in both your personal and business life.

Along with the 3 keynote sessions there will be 28 breakout/panel sessions specifically addressing issues and trends Kansas City IT leaders have told us are important. View the agenda by clicking here.

For more information about this exclusive IT event please contact Gary Peyton at or visit the event website,

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