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The Highly Anticipated 7th Annual Arkansas IT Symposium Will Feature 3 Keynote Speakers and 14+ Peer

The Arkansas IT Symposium is expected to have over 200 IT leaders from 60 local companies represented at this year's event. This one-day, executive-level event is geared toward knowledge-sharing and networking for CIO's and their direct management teams. This single day event consists of 3 keynote sessions and 14+ breakout sessions allowing you to tailor the day to your needs.

Kicking the day off will be Scott Augenbaum, retired supervisory special agent for the FBI. Mr. Augenbaum will share why a transnational criminal enterprise and foreign intelligence services may want to target your organization’s data or intellectual property. This eye-opening presentation will discuss ways to ensure you are prepared. Scott has responded to hundred of data breaches and is here to show commonalities across almost all incidents. He will also provide participants with several takeaways to prevent their organization from becoming the next victim.

Over the lunch hour will be Ben Taylor, who was featured on CBS News after an interaction involving a strange email from a questionable source in a remote African village. Ben Taylor will tell his story about teaching an “internet scammer” a lesson by sending him on a wild goose chase. What happened next changed both of their lives. See how this incredible story unfolded and learn what happens when you give others a chance.

The final keynote presenter is Julie Rieger, President, Chief Data Strategist & Head of Media for 20th Century Fox Film. Julie, a data pioneer, will be closing the day with her successes and failures in establishing her massive data organization and blending strategy with the tactical practical. The film industry has been turned upside down during the technology and data revolution just like every other business. You will hear how Fox went from being data poor to consumer insight-rich and how 'data' pulled-up a chair to participate in critical business decisions.

Along with the 3 keynote sessions there will be 14+ peer-led breakout/panel sessions specifically addressing issues and trends Arkansas's IT leaders have told us are important to their organizations. You can view the full day's agenda here.

The Arkansas IT Symposium is hosted by SIM Arkansas, together we bring more of the regions top IT executives together for a day of networking, education and collaboration. Register you and your management teams here.

For more information about this exclusive event please contact Matt Emick at or by visiting the event website,

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