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Over 250+ Executive Level Attendees Are Expected At This Year's Arizona IT Symposium on April 2n

The Arizona IT Symposium is still offering a limited number of sponsorship opportunities giving vendors the perfect opportunity to get face to face with top local business leaders. This one-day, executive-level event is geared toward knowledge-sharing and networking for CIO's and their direct management teams. Last year, this event drew in over 250+ local Phoenix IT executives and is expected to bring in even more this year.

The agenda will feature two keynote speakers and a CIO panel at the end of the day. Kicking the day off will be Jeremy Graves, PhD, discussing the dynamics of a multi-generational workforce in organizations. Over the lunch hour author and speaker, VJ Smith, will share with the audience how a simple act of kindness can completely change your life. It is a remarkable and unforgettable story leaving audience members to evaluate how they can improve their personal and working relationships, setting higher standards on taking care of customers and giving deeper thought on what is truly important in life.

Lastly, ending the day is the highly anticipated CIO Panel titled, "Connecting the Dots - How is Your Company Planning to Tackle Future Business Challenges". The panelist involved are: Tianbing Qian (CIO of Ports America), James Salmon (CIO of Meritage Homes), Dan Saltich (CIO of Shamrock Foods Company) and Fred Mapp (Former CIO, Honeywell Industrial Controls).

The attendees are happy to be at the event and WANT to be at the event giving sponsoring vendors the perfect opportunity to create long lasting and meaningful relationships. This event helps vendors short circuit their sales cycle and jump-start their sales pipeline. Vendors will also be recognized as an organization committed to supporting and helping grow Arizona's IT industry.

If you are looking to get involved please contact Jason Heinz at or by phone at (515) 332-7940.

Non-sponsoring IT practitioners are encouraged to attend, register today by clicking here.

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