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Experience The New Standard Of Networking At A Senior Executive Level At The Arkansas IT Symposium

The Arkansas IT Symposium is Little Rock's premier single-day event designed for the local IT executive community. The Symposium provides the region’s IT executives an opportunity to gather for a day of networking, collaboration, and knowledge-transfer through peer-led keynotes, breakouts, panels, and networking sessions.

Last year the Symposium brought together over 185 local IT leaders from 50 different companies which allowed for partnering vendors to have face-to-face time with each of these attendees. This event packs a full program of information sharing and networking into a single day that doesn't require additional travel or extensive absence from the job.

A limited number of sponsorship opportunities are available giving vendors the perfect opportunity to get face to face with top local business leaders. Non-sponsoring vendors, consultants, or sales representatives are NOT ALLOWED to register, which is beneficial for attendees and also sponsors underwriting the event.

Sponsoring vendors have the opportunity to share information about problem-solving technology and ideas local executives can use in their day-to-day business practices. Most sponsors use this opportunity to present themselves as experts who can be utilized to help with the issues that present themselves in the workplace. Vendors will also be recognized as an organization committed to supporting and helping grow the region's IT industry.

If you are interested in getting involved at the Arkansas IT Symposium please contact Matt Emick at for further details.

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