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Register Today To See Tamara Kleinberg, Founder & CEO of LaunchStreet, At The Houston IT Symposi

The Houston IT Symposium is the region’s premier single-day event designed for the IT executive community and will be taking place Tuesday, September 11th, at the Westin Houston in Memorial City.

Opening the day will be Tamara Kleinberg, Founder & CEO of LaunchStreet. Tamara is part of an elite group of TED speakers and her presentation titled, "Innovation Drives - How to Transform Your Organization from Change Agents to Change Artists, and Become Masters of the Marketplace" will challenge the audience to transform change from an unknown challenge to a known asset.

"The biggest myth out there killing organizations is thinking that they need more change agents to combat status quo thinking. You don’t need more disruption. It’s happening already all around you. The marketplace, the competition, and the customer are always changing. Someone is always going to disrupt your work. What you need to truly win is change artists, people that are able to leverage and harness change to your advantage." - Tamara Kleinberg

The afternoon keynote presentation will be Bill Caesar, CEO, WCA Waste Corporation. Bill will talk about his journey and transformation from CIA analyst to his current position as the leader and CEO of WCA Waste Corp. He will share lessons learned that helped him reach a leadership role and successfully develop a culture of winning.

Closing the day is, keynoter, futurist, and professor Christina “CK” Kerley. She will take you on a tour of the next-gen technologies that belong on your radar, in your plans, and at the forefront of your 2018-2020 IT goals.

In addition to the three keynote speakers the day will involve interactive breakout sessions and panels. To view the complete agenda please visit the website,

Registration is free for all IT practitioners and their direct management teams. Contact Matt Emick,, for any questions.

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