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Chris Laping Will Be Headlining the Portland Technology Leadership Summit on June 19 at the Oregon C

"People Before Things – Always!" Gallup reports that 70% of all change initiatives fail. Why do some organizations succeed at delivering change while others don’t? Quite simply, their leaders put people before things. Using concepts from his book, People Before Things: Change isn’t an End – User Problem, Chris helps audiences visualize how they can become CHANGE leaders.

Chris Laping is Co-Founder & CEO of People Before Things, LLC, a boutique consultancy that helps executive and project leaders prepare people for technology change. He has also written a bestselling book, People Before Things: Change Isn’t an End-User Problem, which explores the role leaders play to pave success in change and transformation.

The Portland Technology Leadership Summit is designed to bring together CIOs, CISOs, and their management teams for a day filled with local IT Leaders sharing practical real world experiences and lessons-learned. The Summit expects to reach 200 attendees representing approximately 100 companies. Each attendee will receive a Certificate of Continuing Education for 5 hours of credit from Saint Louis University.

This will be a hard hitting, quick yet productive day out of the office for anyone interested in:

  • Expanding your peer network

  • Learning from peers who will be sharing actionable information you can use in your own environment

  • Filling continuing education credits

If you are going to be in Portland, Oregon on June 19th, this is a conference you will not want to miss. We know this day will be well worth the time away from the office, and we will get you home before cutting into your personal time. Register you and your management teams today.

For more information about the Portland Technology Leadership Summit and how you can sponsor please visit:

Note: This event is closed to any non-sponsoring vendor companies/consultants/sales reps. For sponsorship information, please contact Gary Peyton at

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