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The Information Technology Management Association (ITMA) Hosts The Grand Rapids IT Symposium On May

The Grand Rapids IT Symposium will be taking place on May 15th at Devos Place, in Grand Rapids Michigan. IT leaders are invited along with their direct management teams to attend. The symposium will allow you to connect and network with the Michigan's top IT executives and influencers. Register today by visiting

The keynote speaker lineup includes, Harry Campbell (CEO, Durrie Vision), Gert Garman (Owner, Brad Perspective, LLC), and R.J. Stelter (VP, Elements, Herman Miller). Along with the tremendous lineup of keynote speakers attendees will learn from successful and highly effective companies as they share lessons learned from real-world experiences in the break-out/panel sessions.

Harry Campbell's presentation will take the tenants of servant leadership and infuse them with his own business philosophies developed while working at Fortune 500 companies including Procter & Gamble (P&G) and Sprint, as well as smaller private companies.

Collabor8. Cre8. Innov8. Thinking Beyond What You’ve Always Done, is the title of Gert Garman's keynote presentation where participants will learn how to get unstuck and keep things fresh.

Closing the day will be keynote speaker, RJ Stelter, Vice President of Elements at Herman Miller, and champion of the digital experience. He will explore the digital transformation from “the outside looking in”.

The interactive CxO Panels at the symposium will give attendees the opportunity to "see inside" the mind of a local CxO. Some featured panel sessions are:

  • "Digital Transformation: Exciting, Scary and Inevitable"

This panel discussion will focus on the CIO perspective of digital transformation. The question and answer format will delve into the challenges of digital transformation, the profound changes it brings to an organization in the way they think, operate and market.

  • "Calling all Hackers! Let’s have a Chat"

In this session, we will hope to answer “What can I do to better protect myself/company from being compromised?” Nothing is fool proof, but learning how hackers get around your defenses or how they get inside in plain view; should help reduce the risk of it happening to you.

  • "On Premise Today - Tomorrow Office 365, Google Docs, Zoho "Should I Stay or Should I Go"

Always on, connect from any place, any device, redundancy, storage for the common user…But we have big dollars invested in a data center. Oh, and legal is going to have a cow. Moving the business office to the cloud, what goes, what stays or do you have to choose? And if you go what do you need to know.

  • "Growing the Talent Pool"

Come to learn more about several of the initiatives and organizations involved in shaping Michigan's future talent and how you and your team can be part of the solution.

For more information about the Grand Rapids IT Symposium please visit the event website, Sponsorship opportunities are still available:

*Registration open only to non-sponsoring IT practitioners

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