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The Wisconsin IT Symposium is returning to Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the Potawatomi Hotel and Casino o

The Wisconsin IT Symposium is a gathering of leaders, professionals, and academics working in the I.T. field. As technology continues to redefine the boundaries of industries and replace markets’ traditional geographic regions with borderless digital environments, it has become essential for local organizations to be aware of the global trends in their sectors and implement strategies to integrate them into their operations in order to be able to stay agile and maintain their competitive edge. This year’s symposium will look at emerging I.T. trends and provide insights into innovative leadership skills in today’s fast-paced digital age. This interactive event will also provide attendees with opportunities to collaborate and share their knowledge and experiences through a series of panels, break-out sessions, and networking.

The opening keynote, titled “Collabor8. Cre8. Innov8. Thinking Beyond What You’ve Always Done”, will be delivered by Gert Garman, owner of Broad Perspective, LLC and former Director of the Collaborative Design Center at Valencia College. Gert has also previously served as Creativity and Innovation Catalyst for Disney Destinations. In her keynote, participants learn how to get unstuck and keep things fresh to continually innovate by using the Creative Problem Solving Process, new tools and behaviors in order to collaborate better and get those business-changing, disruptive solutions to challenges they are facing.

Holly Baumgart will be the lunch keynote speaker, she is the VP Information Technology at Sargento Foods Inc.; a leading manufacturer, packager and marketer of natural shredded, sliced and snack cheeses and cheese-based products in the U.S. Holly is responsible for all aspects of Information Technology at Sargento, including systems, organization and enterprise business technology planning. She is passionate about bringing this renown $1.3 billion privately-held company to the forefront of digital innovation.

The closing keynote is, VJ Smith, Speaker and Author of "The Richest Man In Town". His presentation is a remarkable and unforgettable story leaving audience members to evaluate how they can improve their personal and working relationships, setting higher standards on taking care of customers and giving deeper thought on what is truly important in life.

Along with the tremendous lineup of keynote speakers, this event will give attendees unlimited access to all a variety of breakout sessions to learn how their peers are overcoming common obstacles that many of Wisconsin’s organizations are facing.

This year the Symposium is adding a community give back sector to the event where $50 of every paid registration will go directly to this year's chosen charity, i.c.stars | * Milwaukee. i.c.stars is an immersive technology-based leadership training program for promising young adults. The project-based learning techniques build on students strengths in overcoming adversity. Students will grow leadership and teamwork skills while working alongside tech industry leaders.

If you and your team would like to join us for a great day of education, networking, collaboration and celebration, please register at

NOTE: This event is closed to any non-sponsoring vendor companies/consultants/sales reps. For sponsorship information, please contact Brad Emick or Dayton Ruby.

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