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Grand Rapids IT Symposium Will Be Taking Place on May 15, 2018 At The DeVos Place in Grand Rapids, M

The Information Technology Management Association (ITMA) announces the 6th Annual Grand Rapids IT Symposium is returning to Grand Rapids, Michigan at the DeVos Place on May 15, 2018. This is a one-day, executive-level event designed for CIOs and their management teams. There will be over 300 CIOs, VPs, Directors and Managers present at this year’s Grand Rapids IT Symposium.

The Grand Rapids IT Symposium is West Michigan’s annual major gathering of leaders, professionals, and academics working in the I.T. field. As technology continues to redefine the boundaries of industries and replace markets’ traditional geographic regions with borderless digital environments, it has become essential for local organizations to be aware of the global trends in their sectors and implement strategies to integrate them into their operations in order to be able to stay agile and maintain their competitive edge. This year’s symposium will look at emerging I.T. trends and provide insights into innovative leadership skills in today’s fast-paced digital age. This interactive event will also provide attendees with opportunities to collaborate and share their knowledge and experiences through a series of panels, break-out sessions, and social media.

Harry Campbell, author, motivational speaker and 26+ year Executive will present the opening keynote “Get Real Leadership”. Reflecting back to time spent with one of his professional role models, Sam Walton, Harry S. Campbell takes the tenants of servant leadership and infuses them with his own business philosophies developed while working at Fortune 500 companies including Procter & Gamble (P&G) and Sprint, as well as smaller private companies. What results is an empowering and fresh approach to managing people and business that Campbell calls Get-Real Leadership.

The lunch keynote, titled “Collabor8. Cre8. Innov8. Thinking Beyond What You’ve Always Done”, will be delivered by Gert Garman, owner of Broad Perspective, LLC and former Director of the Collaborative Design Center at Valencia College. Gert has also previously served as Creativity and Innovation Catalyst for Disney Destinations. In her keynote, participants learn how to get unstuck and keep things fresh to continually innovate by using the Creative Problem Solving Process, new tools and behaviors in order to collaborate better and get those business-changing, disruptive solutions to challenges they are facing.

RJ Stelter, VP of Elements with Herman Miller will deliver the closing keynote titled “Digital Transformation from the Lens of the Business Partner”. In this age of digital transformation, much of what is written is discussed through the lens of Information Technology impacts. In this presentation, RJ will explore the digital transformation from “the outside looking in”.

In addition, there will be 12 breakout sessions and panels throughout the day focused on security, digital leadership, growing the local talent pool, machine learning, hackers panel, cloud conversion experiences, free DHS resources available for Cyber needs, Office 365 & Google experiences comparison, remote worker security, vendor relationship management, and the latest technology products.

John Dean, Collaboration Champion with the ITMA, will serve as the master of ceremonies for the day.

Attending the 2018 Grand Rapids IT Symposium is an opportunity for leaders engaged in technology to network and explore new ways to maintain competitive advantage in a global economy. The ability to collaborate and exchange actionable information with peers makes this event rewarding and productive.

If you and your team would like to join us for a great day of education, networking, collaboration and celebration, please register your team at

NOTE: This event is closed to any non-sponsoring vendor companies/consultants/sales reps. For sponsorship information, please contact Brian Gargano at

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