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Manish Nathwani

VP Network Products & Architecture

Manish is a key contributor to the vision of SHAZAM's electronic payments business. He and his teams innovate and develop products to enhance SHAZAM's core strengths and introduce new products into the marketplace to help our member financial institutions succeed.
In his 11 years at SHAZAM, Manish has worked as a Senior Engineer/Consultant, Information Technology (IT) Technical Lead, Enterprise Architect, and Chief Architect.  He is currently the Vice President of Network Products and Enterprise Architecture blending business with technology in providing innovative electronic payment solutions to the marketplace for SHAZAM’s customer base. Manish is also an HP Mission Critical Consultant, a member of the Accredited Standards Committee (X9) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
Manish has over 25 years of experience in the electronic payments industry, primarily building enterprise-strength, high-performance online authorization systems. He has experience in point-of-sale (POS), ATM, acquirer, and issuer processing and worked for companies such as CAP U.K., Tandem Computers, ACI U.K., and HP. He also worked with Deutsche Bank (London) on FX and Money Market systems along with a number of other European financial institutions and processors to deliver electronic funds transfer (EFT) products and solutions.
Manish graduated from the University of Manchester (England,UK) with a bachelor's degree in computer science and also holds a master’s degree in computing for commerce/industry.